Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Top Ten - Reasons I Run

I have told you before, I run.  I would not consider myself a runner, but I run.  I want to say I am a runner, but the words never make it past my lips.  Hello, my name is Carol and I am a..., nevermind - I run.

These days my runs are sometimes more sporadic than they used to be.  My running partner has been injured for the past six months and I find my self discipline is much better when she is waiting for me to get my running ass out of bed than when she is not.  Nevertheless, I am still running and these are my top ten reasons for doing so:

10.   I don't want to be a quitter.  I've worked hard to get to where I am at, I don't want to give it up and have to start at square one when I decide, again, that I need to shed some pounds.

9.     I want to set a good example for my live-ins.  Exercise is a good thing...so I am told.

8.     I have a mean 'Sweet Tooth'.  Pie should be a breakfast food and cookies are not a one and I'm done kind of food for me.

7.     I don't believe in margarine, I like Butter...and lots of it!

6.     I believe Sauces should be it's own food group.  Hollandaise Sauce, Pepper Sauce, Alfredo Sauce, anything with heavy cream and butter sauce...

5.     I have some really cute running clothes that I like to wear.  Not to mention the small fortune I spent on them.

4.   I like the feeling when I am all done.  It makes me feel good to know while most people are getting up and ready for their day, I have already run at least three miles.

3.    If I do it today, I will have a break tomorrow.

2.    I LOVE to eat. Savory, Sweet or Baked Goods...I love them all so very much.

1.    And my number one reason is My Jeans.  I like them, I'd like to continue to fit into them.  So when I am going through all the thoughts in my head as to why I should get out of my warm cocoon and go run in the morning, it is my jeans that finally gets me up and going.

So there you have it.  Another method to my madness, another peak into the workings of my mind.