Monday, May 23, 2011

Strawberry Lemonade Martini

After the weekend I had I am declaring today to be "MARTINI MONDAY".

My friend Erin came over last Friday.  The sun was out and my mind was already on the weekend ahead so I decided it was high time to try a new martini recipe out...and Erin was my willing victim.  I call this martini a Strawberry Lemonade Martini....and I tasted it...and it was good!  

Bring to the Party...

Strawberry Lemonade Martini
3 shots Citron Vodka (I prefer Absolut)
3 shots Sweet & Sour
1 shot Strawberry Puree
1/2 shot Cointreau
1 slice lemon, squeezed

Makes: 2

Shake it all up - Shake some more.  Pour.

Serve to a Friend on a Sunny Afternoon!


  1. hahaha! I am CRACKING UP at this pic of me! I love my muscle tee look - who knows maybe it will start a new trend;) Btw - I got a little burned but it was sooo worth it!

  2. This was such a hit! I shared your recipe with most of my friends! It was wonderful! Thank you :)

  3. Thanks! Glad you liked it, it is probably one of my favorites!