Friday, May 20, 2011

American Idol Rant

I have been a loyal follower of American Idol.  I watched each season as they crowned a new winner.  Most of the time I agreed and sometimes I had to stretch my mind a little to get around the idea.  But after last nights American Idol cut I may have to make the difficult decision to cut them...

Even with all the changes to the judges this season I gave it a chance.  The judges chemistry was good.  I thought the judges needed to be a little tougher at times, but I was willing to continue watching them as they figured out their groove.  So today the judges are not on my rants short list (they can thank their lucky stars)...

It saddens me to say, that even with all the superior talent they had this season, America or perhaps the producers have manged to make American Idol into a popularity contest.  Don't get me wrong, Scotty and Lauren have talent...

BUT, Lauren doesn't know how to use her talent yet and I don't know if she has it in her to carry us through her kindergarten and elementary school CD's while we wait for her to grow up and put out music we really want to listen to.  I think America or perhaps the producers want another Carrie Underwood, but Lauren isn't there yet.  I think she will be one day, but not today, not tomorrow and not next week.

I definitely think Scotty will be a country music singer and I think he will be successful BUT so is Bucky Covington and he didn't nor should have have won in his season.

So, who do I think should have been in the finale?  Haley vs. James.  I would have been happy with either one.  They are both talented in a non karaoke kind of way.  Or as Simon would say - non wedding singer kind of way, non cabaret kind of way...  I miss Simon! Bring him back!  American needs his dose of reality!

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