Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hippie Chick Half Marathon 2011

A year ago in June I decided to start running with a naive thought in the back of my head that I was going to train for a 1/2 marathon.  It didn't take long to change that challenge to a 5k which was much more realistic for me....a non-running couch potato!

I've written before about how I did conquer this goal.  Right after conquering this goal I was on top of the world and decided I would sign up for that 1/2 marathon.  After all, I had over six months to prepare...mind you it took me three months to prepare for the 5k...but I believed I could do hard could it be right??

Wrong.  It was hard.  Very hard.  But train I did along with my running partner Brooke.  We suffered through the long wet cold winter and spring.  She pushed me, I pushed her and finally May arrived...our 1/2 Marathon was upon us.

The night before the run I was a mess.  I was so nervous.  Not for the course.  Not because there were going to be crowds of people. Not because I didn't think I could finish.  I was nervous because I had a goal and my running partner had a run the entire 13.1 miles - no walking.  Neither of us had run that far before and I am plagued by random side aches...bad side aches...can't breathe side aches.  I didn't want to ruin it for myself but more importantly I didn't want to ruin it for Brooke.  We had worked hard.

The race started out cloudy.  It had rained overnight and there was rain in the forecast.  I wore a long sleeve shirt under the short sleeve Hippie Chick shirt because it was cold.  So did Brooke.  However, around mile 4 we were HOT and not in a good way.  So out there on the country roads of Oregon she and I stripped off both shirts and put the short sleeve only on.  When we were done I looked at the ladies behind me and told them I thought we would give them a show with their run...we all enjoyed a laugh and the few minutes our minds were on something besides what we were doing...running.

A couple minutes later my hair was bothering me because it had come loose.  I took out my rubber band and began fashioning my hair when ponytail holder broke. I get to run the rest of the race with my hair in my face...real nice!

About 5 miles into the race I let my mind wander...not a good thing...I thought of how far we had come, but more importantly how far we still had to go.  Then I asked myself...why in the world did you decide you wanted to do this...and on Mother's Day of all days???

Mile 6 brought with it a side hurt.  For at least the next two miles I was working through my side ache.  It was painful...but I won!  During this same time the muscles in my neck began once again I let my mind wander and began worrying that my muscles would be so tense they just might snap my spine while I was running....

Around mile 8 we were greeted by the cheers of our family.  That was a huge boost in moral.  Our husbands were taking pictures and our kids were cheering and yelling 'Happy Mother's Day'.  I wanted run over to them and hug them...or maybe I was daydreaming about getting into the truck and driving to the finish line!

Around mile 10, Brooke and I began discussing the likelihood of doing another 1/2 marathon...we decided the chances were slim to none.

I don't remember much about the rest of the race...I think my mind went numb along with my feet.  I do, however, remember wishing my legs would go numb...they were sore.

At the finish line our families were waiting for us once again and I wanted to cry but I had no tears....I needed water!  Somewhere, out of nowhere, I found the strength to move my legs faster and we crossed the finish line.

Within 30 minutes of finishing we had decided we would do it again and within 48 hours we began talking about maybe doing a full marathon....Crazy?  Maybe...

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  1. Crazy in an awesome, I'm in awe sort of way. I cannot even imagine entertaining the idea of doing this. Fabulous!