Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chocolate Infused Red Wine

Not long ago My Lover and I were at a 'Grand Opening' for a local wine shop and they were serving something I had never heard of - A Red Wine Infused with Chocolate.  I was intrigued so I had a taste and thought it wasn't bad...I enjoyed the chocolate taste and thought it was an ingenious idea...

Until...I bought a bottle, brought it home, uncorked it (by this I mean unscrewed the cap - which I personally can't stand, but I'll save that story for another day) and poured myself a nice glass to drink...NOT.

You see, the problem with wine tasting is that it can sometimes serve to get you in trouble rather than enlighten you.  Such is the case with this wine (for me).

Coco Rosso, Dark Chocolate Infused
From the Bottle
Imagine the finest wine infused with natural dark chocolate to create a decadent wine experience.  Delicately blended with inviting aromatics of black cherry, raspberry and plum highlighted with right, velvety dark chocolate.  Savor this indulgent wine as a sweet accompaniment to any meal or dessert or simply enjoy on its own.

Carol's Thoughts
This wine is too sweet for my taste.  It also troubles me to not know what kind of grapes they used..Merlot, Cabernet, Cab Franc, Syrah, Concord???  I remember when I bought this wine I thought that if I looked at it as dessert I could drink at least one glass...Maybe I wasn't in the mood for dessert last night...

Not to be thwarted, I tried to save it by bringing it to a boil and reducing it on the stove to see if I could make a syrup or sauce out of it and pour it over ice cream.  - The Result: F=Failure, it sort of tasted like BAD blackberries!

In conclusion, here are some points you may want to consider.
  1. This is a sweet wine (not like 'Sweet=Awesome, Rad, Far Out - but Sweet=Sugary, Syrupy, Gooey)
  2. If you like sweet wine you will probably like this wine
  3. The chocolate flavor is there, but a little odd/off
  4. If you take your chocolate seriously, I would recommend sitting down with a chocolate bar and infusing your mouth with it rather than this wine
  5. Ice Cream is better served with chocolate sauce
*Disclaimer: I call it like I taste it...


  1. oddly...this makes me want to try this one! I am a LOVER of sweet wines...but I have been trying very hard lately to expand my wine likes to include a wider variety of reds. this is a must try for me...thank you mam!

  2. I have another red that may be a good option if you are trying to delve into the reds but prefer sweeter wines. I will probably blog about it in the summer because it is a good option for a cold drink on a hot day without giving up my red wine habit!