Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mama Don't Do Ants

It has been an eventful morning.  After finally ripping myself off my mattress, I decended to the first floor and stumbled, eyes at half mast, to the kitchen to make myself some strong coffee only to discover my kitchen had been invaded...invaded by ants...

Mama don't do ants.

Suddenly, I was VERY awake...I saw red, my head spun around at least 10 times and fire shot out of my was quite a sight!  After I got my head to stop spinning and the smoke detector stopped ringing...I retrieved the Raid and sprayed every inch of my kitchen.  Next, I had to wipe down every surface with a hot as I could stand it wet rag.

As one would imagine I was very cranky and I didn't feel like getting out of my cranky mood...until...

Live-In #2 & Live-In #3 came down for breakfast, tip-toeing around the kitchen so they wouldn't have to witness any head spinning.  As they ate their breakfast I listened to their conversation and could not help but smile...

Apparently there are some substitute teachers out there with some very bad smelling breath - even mints can't help some of these poor souls.  Oh, and guess what day potatoes are afraid of...Friday.  And last, but not least - today is Pill Popping Puppy's 15th birthday!  Live-In #2 suggested we buy him something special to which I replied I will buy him some pain pills for his birthday...he will like those.

Feeling much better now, but then again...I am not in my kitchen at the moment.

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  1. You are CMU!! I'm sorry about the ants but it did provide a very entertaining story for the rest of us;)