Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I love baseball season.  My Lover coaches our live-ins, we get to be outside, they don't play if it's raining (mostly), the uniforms are so cute, summer is around the corner...etc, etc, etc....

I thought I would share some of my favorite pictures from seasons past.

Hi Handsome!

This is My Baby Boy

This is My Baby Boy too

#5 - He is Mine!

Hello Lover!  He is Mine Too!

This is my baby girl.  She actually did wear cleats when playing,
but she didn't have time for them when practicing at home!
Note: the sun is shining and there are flowers blooming in the background...there is hope that spring will one day arrive!

Helping his sister out.  Isn't his 'catcher's gear' too cute?

Again - #5 is my Baby!!  See she is wearing cleats!  She doesn't play anymore, she sits by me and keeps me company. 
I miss watching her play...

Lover & Live-In #2 - showing him his 'ready position'

Um, hello my babies...please stop growing up so fast.

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