Friday, March 11, 2011

Coelho Winery

Last fall My Lover and I decided to spend some time wine tasting.  Basically, our backyard is wine country so we set off with a map and began discovering wineries we had been referred to or just happened to pass by.  It was on this day that we happened stop by Coelho Winery's tasting room. 

As we entered their tasting room we immediately felt comfortable.  Wood surrounded us everywhere and we are partial to wood.  It felt cozy on a cold day.  We were greeted by the sweetest lady, Teresa - love her!  Since red wines are my favorite we decided on the 'red flight'.  There are three things I destinctly remember about this day -
  1. All their wines were EXCELLENT - this is not an exaggeration.  They are not only Excellent, they were Superior.  You must go to this winery - YOU MUST!
  2. They replaced my old favorite winery - which is a hard thing to do since I got married at that winery.
  3. I died and went to heaven when I tried their Petite Sirah! (thus the cheating on cab)
We immediately decided to become club members and have been back to visit them at least a handful of times since.  This past weekend My Lover was not able to go with me to 'pick up' our wine so I took my friend Erin with me.  She liked their wine too!  See how happy the wine makes us?

This is the wine tasting room
Photo obtained from Coelho Winery website.
It is a better pic than I have on my camera.
Isn't it beautiful?

For this 'pick up' we had 2008 Marechal Foch and the 2008 Paciencia Estate Pinot Noir.  We are very lucky, very lucky indeed! 

Go...Go to this winery and deserve it!

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