Friday, July 29, 2011

Lake Billy 2011

Lake Billy 2011

Nine Days, Eight Nights.  Rain, Sun, Clouds.   Deer, Mice, Snakes.  Surfing, Skiing, Wake Boarding, Tubing.  Fried Chicken, Turkey Wraps, Hamburgers, Ribs.  Martinis, Beer, Gatorade, Minute Maid.  

The stories from this trip are many.  
The fun on this trip was abundant.  
The memories made are priceless.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Creamsicle Martini

I'll let you in on a little known fact about me...I don't drink soda.  It's not that I don't like it, I do...especially if it is an ice cold Diet Cherry Coke or Mug Root Beer...but back in my teenage years I swore it off thinking it would help me in my weight loss endeavors.  Over the years I have gone back and forth with the soda thing, but in general I have found it is something I don't mind living without and therefore I do...  Call me mad, call me crazy, call me whatever you want...this is just a quirk about me you'll have to accept if we are going to get along.

So what does this have to do with martinis...well beside the fact that martinis are not something that I would be willing live without...I have a little story for you...

Last year I was introduced to Whipped Cream Vodka.  The person who told me about it suggested it be mixed with orange soda or root beer.  I did try it, but I found it to be way to sweet for me.  So recently I decided to play with the idea a bit and came up with my version of a Creamsicle Martini.

Bring to the Party:
2 oz Orange Juice, 2 oz Whipped Cream Vodka
Shake Together Vigorously

Pour into Martini Glass, Serve & Enjoy!
Easy, Peasy, Lemon Orange Squeezy!

Makes 1 Luscious Martini

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Anniversary Letter

Dear Lover:

How do I put into words how I feel for you?  How do I describe how lucky I feel that at the age of 21 I made the best decision of my life by marrying you.  At 21 I wasn't thinking about the really big things in life...I knew I loved you and I knew you loved me and that was enough.

Now, 16 years later I look back over the years and the life we have created and feel so blessed.  You are my best friend, confidant, lover...the person I most enjoy spending my time with.  I love you more than my life.

I don't look forward to growing old, but I do look forward to doing it with you.

Happy Anniversary Lover!

Your Wife

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

2011 Maiden Voyage of the Molly Mae

Usually we bring our boat out of storage in May for it's maiden voyage, sometimes it is even in April, but this year the weather had been...well....icky! So our maiden voyage wasn't until the end of June.  To make matters even worse, it wasn't even very sunny or warm...but we were determined to bring her out come rain, wind, snow or just plain clouds.

On this late maiden voyage I decided it was high time our boat had a name...

Bertha?  No, that is the name of my car's GPS when it is leading me the astray...

Sally?  No, that is the name of my car's GPS when it is being a good little girl...

Betty Lou?  No, just no...

Cornelia Marie?  No, the guys from Deadliest Catch took that one already, shucks!

Molly Mae?   Molly Mae...yep, that is it!  Now if only 'my people' would agree with me...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Friends - Forever and Always

Some of my best friends were made when I was in the second grade.  I am lucky this way.  We met at our church school the first year it opened and have been friends ever since.  Over the years we haven't always been in touch, but when we get together it is like no time has if we are seven on the blacktop playground all over again!  

Me, Elissa, Tracy & Erin
The Four Amigos!

Recently we got together and I made the announcement that I was going to liken us to the Sex and The City girls on my blog...I think they might be waiting on pins and here we go...

Elissa is our Carrie.  Everyone loves her...well we love everyone...but thinking back through the years I think Elissa was our glue.  Nobody ever got irritated with can't...she is too funny...she is so funny she can make you pee your pants...but that is another post.  Elissa just makes a person feel good when they are with her.

Tracy is our Miranda.  She is smart...always was...she was always 10 paces ahead of us in Math, not to mention Science, Social Studies, & English.  She also had a mean handstand...nobody could beat her at handstands!  Tracy is a school teacher today, she teaches...Math!  

Erin is our Charlotte.  She is our girly girl.  She is perfect...she will emphatically say she is not, but to me she is. She likes art, funky music, baking and she has a wicked sense of style.  She is sweet and kind, but not in the way a person could walk over her. 

So that makes me our Samantha...I am probably the loudest one of the bunch.  What?  That is not what you were thinking?   Shame on you!  It is true, I am probably the one who opens my mouth and inserts my foot more times than not...which I think Samantha had a good knack for...

So there you have it.  My friends wrapped up in a nice little SATC package.  I think we all have a little of Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte & Samantha in us...tomorrow this list may have been a little different, but I am going with it today.  

I love you my knew me then, you know me now and somehow you still choose me.  Thank you. Forever & Always...

Blast From Our Past
Tracy is on the far left, Elissa is in the blue pj's & Erin & I are on the right

Monday, July 11, 2011

Who's the Blonde Now?

Lover has taken to calling my beautiful brunette daughter 'a blonde' because from time to time she seems a little on the airy side.  This doesn't bother or impress her, she goes right along on her merry way I assure you.

So the other morning my family went to breakfast, at one point during our breakfast conversation Live-In #2 announces that if you spell his name backwards it spells an actual word.  I was impressed, I hadn't thought of it before...then I asked him what his sister's name spelled backwards was - which he quickly informed me was the same as it is spelled boy that one...

Then Lover got in on the conversation and announced her name is spelled E-X-C-U-S-E-S.

Live-In #1 said quickly quipped... 'That doesn't even make sense...'Who's the Blonde Now?' - rendering my Lover speachless....while the rest of us enjoyed a good laugh!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Goodbye June

My Life - June 2011
  1. Wrapped up 2nd grade, 3rd grade and 7th grade with my live-ins.
  2. Celebrated my 37th birthday feeling more fabulous than ever!
  3. Experienced being an 'All Star' Mom for the first time...there is a lot of work in this title, but it has been so much fun.  I hope it will be the first of many.
  4. Watched Live-In #2 experience All Stars for the first time...he is loving it.
  5. Tended all three live-ins in their hour of need...sickness is not my thing, but somehow they are comforted by me.
  6. Enjoyed a Sunday afternoon at Methven Family Vineyards...and looking forward to doing it again.  It is the perfect place for an afternoon picnic!
  7. Apparently my body doesn't know adults don't get cavities...20 years after getting my first cavity my body decided to make another one...lovely!
  8. Enjoyed an end of season BBQ with our baseball team families, had a great time.  Played a little ball in the park and actually hit the ball...that makes for I think the 2nd time in my life!
  9. Celebrated one of my oldest (time wise) friends' son's graduation from high school!  Congratulations Trey!!!
  10. Celebrated Father's Day with the best dads I know...My Lover & My Father.
Such is a month in the course of my lifetime. I wouldn't trade a day.  Happy to be the Lover of My Lover and the Mother of my Live-Ins.