Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Friends - Forever and Always

Some of my best friends were made when I was in the second grade.  I am lucky this way.  We met at our church school the first year it opened and have been friends ever since.  Over the years we haven't always been in touch, but when we get together it is like no time has past...as if we are seven on the blacktop playground all over again!  

Me, Elissa, Tracy & Erin
The Four Amigos!

Recently we got together and I made the announcement that I was going to liken us to the Sex and The City girls on my blog...I think they might be waiting on pins and needles...so here we go...

Elissa is our Carrie.  Everyone loves her...well we love everyone...but thinking back through the years I think Elissa was our glue.  Nobody ever got irritated with Elissa...you can't...she is too funny...she is so funny she can make you pee your pants...but that is another post.  Elissa just makes a person feel good when they are with her.

Tracy is our Miranda.  She is smart...always was...she was always 10 paces ahead of us in Math, not to mention Science, Social Studies, & English.  She also had a mean handstand...nobody could beat her at handstands!  Tracy is a school teacher today, she teaches...Math!  

Erin is our Charlotte.  She is our girly girl.  She is perfect...she will emphatically say she is not, but to me she is. She likes art, funky music, baking and she has a wicked sense of style.  She is sweet and kind, but not in the way a person could walk over her. 

So that makes me our Samantha...I am probably the loudest one of the bunch.  What?  That is not what you were thinking?   Shame on you!  It is true, I am probably the one who opens my mouth and inserts my foot more times than not...which I think Samantha had a good knack for...

So there you have it.  My friends wrapped up in a nice little SATC package.  I think we all have a little of Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte & Samantha in us...tomorrow this list may have been a little different, but I am going with it today.  

I love you my friends...you knew me then, you know me now and somehow you still choose me.  Thank you. Forever & Always...

Blast From Our Past
Tracy is on the far left, Elissa is in the blue pj's & Erin & I are on the right

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  1. O.k., o.k. I'll be Charlotte! You make her/me sound so good how can I refuse! I loved this - - love my buddies so much:)