Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blogs I Follow and Why

I religiously follow three blogs - there are other blogs I take a look at from time to time, but these three have a steadfast follower in me.

Funny Little Duck - This is the blog that introduced me (hooked me, if you will) to the blog world.  This blog has it all: recipes, whimsy, thought provoking dialog and beautiful pictures.  This blog is the whole package.  The best part is that it is written by a very special friend of mine, I lucked out at the age of seven when I picked her to be my friend.  Now...uh hem...30 years later I am blessed to still have her in my day to day life.  She is the inspiration behind me starting my own blog - so if you like my blog, you should thank her...if you don't - well too bad for you! CMU

The Pioneer Woman - Funny Little Duck told me I would like this blog before I was into blogs... I checked it out and found a Salsa recipe.  I tried it, I loved it (remember, I think Salsa should be a drink).  I went back for more and then became obsessed with the site.  Seriously, I think her stats must have hit an all time high - I had to be on there at least a 1000 times a day trying to catch up with the last 5 years of this blog.  I now own her novel, cookbook and have tamed my stalking to a couple times a day.  If you like food and life you will like this blog.

Blogging Dangerously - I found this blog one day when I was wasting time On the Twitter.  I swear this blog is written by my alter ego.  Who knew my alter ego lived on the East Coast.  She blogs very honestly about subject matter you will probably never find on my blog and I LOVE IT!  If you have been to her blog you know what I am talking about...if you haven't - you can thank me later for the introduction!

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