Monday, March 7, 2011

Mondayitis [Muhn-dey-I-tis]

Mondayitis [Muhn-dey-I-tis]
a sickness striking it's victim on Monday morning, leaving them irrational, weapy and bone weary tired.  Victims tend to get cranky and refuse to leave the confines of their bed.  While this illness is not contagious, one should approach with caution!  On the bright side, this illness is rendered powerless on days where there is no school or work required.

We had a case of Mondayitis this morning.  Live-In #1 had it BAD!   I knew her pain...I have been known to have a case of Mondayitis in my past...but the mother in me told her to get up, get ready and take her Mondayitis to school to share with her friends instead of me. 

Thankfully for me...she eventually came downstairs with the sad 'Mondayitis' look on her I coddled her, kissed her, hugged her and sent her off to school to spread cheer to the masses!

Happy Monday!!

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  1. It must be going around because my Thing 1 had a bad case this morning too!