Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Baseball and Wine! Or not....

A few weeks ago My Lover brought home a bottle of wine we had not tried before - a 2005 Wayne Gretzky Estates Cabernet Sauvignon.  We enjoyed it that evening - however Lover forgot about this blog thing and threw the bottle away at the end of the evening.  By the time I realized it - it was too deep for me attempt fetching...So, I decided I would just buy another bottle and blog another day!

As I was opening this bottle last night I suddenly came up with an idea that got me excited...What a perfect time to blog about this wine - with the name Wayne Gretzky and this being the beginning of baseball season.

Feeling quite smug about my brilliant idea of how to pull this wine together with baseball season, I looked at My Lover and asked him to confirm Wayne Gretzky was a baseball player....  He chuckled and told me - No, he is a hockey player...

There went my idea, I was deflated - but quickly blew myself back up and kept use crying over a scruptious glass of wine.  Sure glad I have My Lover to save me from myself!

No.99 Wayne Gretzky Estates
2005 Cabernet Sauvignon
Napa Valley, California

From the back of the bottle:
Created in the service of his foundation - which means that with every bottle you enjoy, less fortunate kids will be able to particiapate in the passion of playing, watching and learning from the worlds best game.

Classic Napa character with dark fruit aromas of sweet black cherry, blackberry, cassis and a light touch of toasty oak.  Complimented by delicately complex accents of strawberry, hints of anise, mint, lilac and rose.  The evenly matured hillside fruit provides a supple rich and balanced wine with very soft but substantial tannins.  Ready to drink now and a great pair with roast beef or lasagna.  It will gain complexity and structure with time.

Carol's thoughts:
While I think his foundation is great, the 'worlds best game' part throws me - I wanted him to be a baseball player.  I like the uniform.  Live-In #2 and Live-In #3 steal my heart away every time they walk out all dressed up for baseball - they are entirely too cute.  God help me if Lover ever walked out all dressed up to play baseball!

Oh yes, back to the wine...  This bottle gave me all the flowery words I could hope for and more on it's label.  My 'palate' didn't detect all the flavors it boasts, however I can tell you I totally agree with the 'supple rich and balanced wine with soft but substantial tannins'.  This wine is smooth and enjoyable.  I'll be buying it again - even if Wayne Gretzky doesn't play baseball.  And for $11.99 - you'd better get yourself a bottle too!

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