Thursday, March 31, 2011

Goodbye March

My Life - March 2011
  1. Ran in my first 10k. (Live-In #1 says I don't run, I 'jog with style')
  2. Ran with Live-In #1 in her first 5k.
  3. Visited two 'new to me' wineries - one of which I will return to in the summer to enjoy their beautiful view along with their spectacular wine.
  4. Started baseball season with Live-In #2 and Live-In #3 - I am a 'Baseball Mom' rather than a soccer mom and I LOVE IT!
  5. Survived Spring Break - it was questionable at times.
  6. Bought new silverware - my old silverware was very much appreciated hand me downs.  However, I am excited to have something that reflects my taste...and can bring good tastes to my mouth!
  7. Went to war with an ant colony...I think I am winning but I'm still not sure!  I am scheming my next covert operation!
  8. Accompanied my sister-in-law to her first chemo treatment - thank you Stephanie for letting me be there with you.  I am humbled by your trust and quiet strength.
  9. Completed my tax worksheet - hopefully my tax man will be nice to me this year!
  10. My blog hit the 1,000 page view mark - only 999 were from me!
Such is a month in the course of my lifetime. I wouldn't trade a day.  Happy to be the Lover of My Lover and the Mother of my Live-Ins.

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