Friday, April 1, 2011

Caribbean Breeze Martini

I came up with the name of this on my own...well, not exactly on my own...Live-In #1 was my inspiration - my brainchild if you will. 

I love the blue color of this makes me feel like I am on a tropical beach, moving my toes around in white sandy beaches, the hot sun kissing my skin, a drink in my hand and My Lover by my side...then I wake up and realize I am in my kitchen with a sink full of dishes, a mountain of laundry to fold and floors to be mopped...   It was a fun dream while it that I hope to one day cash in on!  Until then...I concoct martinis that make me daydream... 

I was 'brain dead' last night so I challenged Live-In #1 to come up with a name.  She wanted the name to include 'blue' in the title, but I told her I wanted it to be tropical.  After several 'blue' ideas she finally blessed me with Tropical Breeze and Caribbean Sea - much better than the 'Dawn Dish Soap' my useless brain was toying with...  I liked them both so we put it to a vote...Live-In #2 wanted Caribbean Sea while Live-In #3 wanted Tropical Breeze - It Figures...

So I decided on a mix of the two...Caribbean Breeze...  Now I just need to get a plane ticket, a new bikini (preferalby one that will miraculously make me look like a supermodel) and sun screen for my albino pale skin...

Bring to the party...
Blue Curacao, Vodka & Sweet & Sour
(yes, that is Grey Goose Vodka...I am feeling a little swanky right now -
Not really, Lover bought it...I would have bought the cheaper stuff - but, he thinks I am worth it!)

Add 2 shots Vodka, 3/4 shot Blue Curacao & 3/4 Shot Sweet & Sour to a shaker filled with ice (ice ice baby... No?  Ok then)

Shake it Baby!
(imagine that in my Austin Powers voice)

Pour Paradise into a Martini Glass


Caribbean Breeze Martini
2 shots Vodka
1/2-1 shot Blue Curacao
1/2 -1 shot Sweet & Sour

You could use citrus vodka, that would be devine!  Blue Curacao is an Orange Liquor - I think the orange flavor is very light.  You will notice I have a 1/2 to 1 shot range for the Blue Curacao and Sweet & Sour  - either would be fine it just depends on what you like. 


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