Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Lied...Petite Sirah Part II

A while back I confessed to you all that I was cheating on Cab and endulging in Petite Sirah.  I am not ashamed of this admission.  I stand behind my confession...I continue to hold my head high and stay the course...

This past weekend I was in the big city and on the way back I stopped at Trader Joes to pick up some much needed items...Oh, ok...Wine - if you must know the details...

So the past couple nights Lover and I have been enjoying Trader Joes Petite Sirah.  This is when I realized I am a liar...not on purpose mind you...but a liar nonetheless...  You see I told you that Trader Joes does not give a flowery description of their wine, but they do.  So here you go -

From the Bottle
Our PET, as it's affectionally called by  Winemakers, promotes the cooler Northern climate of the famed Russion River Valley by exhibiting  bright blackberry fruit with rich clover and cola overtones.  Soft but full tannins conclude the performance.

Carol's Thoughts
This is a light Petite Sirah compared to some, but it is satisfying and  easy on the palate.  Glides over your tongue and down your throat with ease.  Smooth from start to finish.  The 'girl next door' of wines...the 'one you bring home to mama' if you will...  And at $9.99 - it is easy on the pocketbook and in my opinion it's one of the best tasting wines in the $10 catagory!!  Enjoy!

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