Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Baseball - Pros & Cons

The Cons of Baseball

Con #1 - Injuries:  My poor baby got hit in the chin by some rookie pitcher!  Oh, that's right - they are all rookie pitchers...ok, I will forgive other boy.  But, look at my poor baby - he took it like a little trooper - wouldn't let mama coddle him...

Con #2 - No Coddling: Whaaa!!!

Con #3 - Late Dinners:  8pm is too late to eat dinner in my opinion, but you gotta do what you gotta do...

Con #4 - Dirt:  My Live-Ins & Lover seem to track in all kinds of dirt.  I had to sit them ALL down and give them a stern lecture about taking their shoes off in the garage...the laundry room is not a mud room - neither is my hallway, front entry, kitchen, family room, etc!

Con #5 - Laundry Hell:  I have my work cut out of me this year. This is the 1st year my Live-Ins have had light colored pants!  AHHHHH!!!

The Pros of Baseball

Pro #1 - The Uniform: - I can't stand it...a boy in uniform is about as cute as they get! It rivals little girls with twirley dresses and bowes in their hair!

Pro #2 - The Dugout:  Enough Said...

Pro #3 - The Side Lines: The best fans...willing to sit out in the rain, cold, sleet and hail...well maybe not all of those, but the fans are great!!

Pro #4 - The Coach:  He is kinda 'HOT' if you ask me!  Hey Coach...will you come home with me??

Pro #5 - The Stance:  Batter Up!

Pro #6 - The Outfield:  That's My Baby

Pro #7 - A Runner on 2nd Base:  That's My Baby!

Pro #8 - Home Plate:  Score!!

Pro #9 - Sportsmanship: - Way to go Team!!

Pro #10 - THE WIN!!!: 12-9, Way to Go Braves!!


  1. I was trying to figure out what you had for dinner - I'm sure it was delicious;) p.s. glad to have you back this week!

  2. Baked Ziti of sorts, garlic bread, salad for Lover and I and marinaded cucumbers for the live-ins...
    Now I'm hungry! :0)