Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Never heard that before...

The other day I went to Live-In #1's class to see her class project.  The moment I walked in the room students began yelling out 'Live-In #1 your Mom is here...I think...'.  They didn't know me, but they thought I looked enough like their classmate to assume we were related.

For the next 10 minutes random students would come up to us and gush at how much we looked like each other...I finally told them we had never heard that before...they believed me and were so happy to be the first to inform us...

Then I looked down and realized that we were basically wearing the same thing.  We both wore navy shirts with a white tank, jeans and boots.

I thought it was kind of funny...Live-In #1 thought it was time for me to leave!

After I left one boy told Live-In #1 that when he saw me he thought she had had a growth spurt and got old.  I told her she couldn't talk to him anymore...he is dead to us!

Since then I have noticed on several random occasions we are dressed alike.  Live-In #1 claims I copy her because she is usually dressed before I am.  I think she might be right...when I grow up I want to be just like her!


  1. You are both gorgeous!! And I can't relate to this post at all...I know not what you speak of.

  2. Beautiful! That is what you both are! I love reading your blog and I love how you love each other too!They sure grow up so fast.My son is 12 and he likes it when his friends say we look alike.