Friday, August 12, 2011

Military School???

This was an actual conversation at my house last night as we talked about 'Back to School'...

Me:  When I was your ages I looked forward to going back to school because by the end of summer I was bored.

Live In #3:  (incredulous look) Did you have a boat?

Me:  No.

Live In #3: (horrified look) Did you have a DS?

Me:  No.

Live In #2:  I like school, but it is too long, when you get home from school you only have like 5 hours until bed time.

Life In #3:  Yeah, we basically get home for dinner and bed.

Live In #1:  (thinking she will help with perspective) Maybe you should send them to boarding school.

Live In #2: (not knowing what boarding school is, but thinking it sounded no good) Maybe you should send HER to Military school.

Live In #3:  Yeah, then they could shave her head.

The End.


  1. LOL! That is priceless! It sounds like a conversation my sisters and I had when we were kids!

  2. Shaved heads are certainly one of the trademarks of a military school since everybody is expected to have a presentable image from head to foot.