Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pushing Through....Fried Chicken & Boating

One may have noticed that I have not written much on my blog lately...the truth is I have writers block.  I am not out of ideas, I have a whole list of recipes, wine reviews and summertime fun to capture on this blog, but my creative juices need to be squeezed.

I thought if I wrote about my writers block perhaps it would go away.....
Waiting....waiting....waiting...(imagine me tapping my fingers...pinky, ring, middle, index, pinky, ring, middle, index)...waiting... I am not sure it worked, but I am going with one of my ideas...I hope it turns out witty and fun the way it plays out in my life and I have it in my head...

We have been spending as much time as possible lately boating.  Molly Mae is our second boat and this is our sixth summer boating (3rd on Molly Mae).  I love boating...I can lay in the sun with a glass of wine or martini in my hand and be lazy cause the kitchen doesn't need to be cleaned, the floors don't need to be vacuumed and the live-ins aren't asking me what is for dinner cause they are too busy swimming and having the times of their lives.

Next to my lazy ways and libations, my next favorite part about boating is the fried chicken!  What you say, fried chicken??  Yes!  To me it goes hand in hand with boating...some things are just this way - peas & carrots , peanut butter & jelly, pie & coffee, oreos & milk, fried chicken & boating...see what I mean, it flows!

Lover does not share my opinion about the necessity of fried chicken when boating.  Don't get me wrong he enjoys himself some fried chicken, he just grumbles that we have to stop on our way to the lake to get it hot and freshly fried.  He also doesn't like the crumbs that he finds all over the boat, but since there are no floors that need to be vacuumed while I am boating this doesn't bother me at all!

A couple of weekends ago we headed to the lake early.  Lucky for me there are two stores between me and my favorite lake that usually have their fried chicken ready on our way through town...however on this day we stopped at store number one and they did not have any fried chicken ready.  When I returned to my Lover to announce we had to stop at the next town to get the fried chicken he was not pleased, but he knows better than to mess with a woman and her fried chicken, specifically his woman and her fried he obliged (such a smart man)!

Luckily, the next town had their fried chicken ready for me.  It was like they knew I was coming...however that could have been because I had store number one call ahead to store number two to make sure they had their fried chicken ready...yeah, I am that serious about my fried chicken.  Oh, did that chicken ever taste good...just ask Lover!

Looking for the best places to buy fried chicken?  I know all the best spots in Oregon...well maybe not ALL of Oregon, but give me time!

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