Friday, July 13, 2012

Puppy Love ❤

Life around here has been eventful to say the least.  It all began with one word....


This was a sunny day in March when we brought him home from  Hopes Haven.  He wasted no time in stealing our hearts.  He was so little then, not even eight pounds.  Such a sweet baby!

At first, I reverted back to feeling like a first time mom.  I worried about everything...and I mean everything.  Was he getting enough sleep, was he getting too much sleep, was he eating enough, was he drinking enough, did he have to go potty, does he have to go potty again?

It was easier and calmer then...he didn't take long to turn into a little bundle of energy.

Now he is a toddler.  A 50+ pound toddler.  Thank God his puppy teeth are gone!  He quickly decided we are his personal chew toys and we should like it!  Who needs toys when you have five people who taste so good?  Yes, we have a lot to teach him!

But look at this face....he didn't do it!

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