Friday, June 28, 2013

Dear 38...

Dear 38 year old self,

Wow...what a busy year!  Probably your biggest challenge this year was worrying about how you were going to be in two and sometimes three places at once!  Worried your children will remember the times you weren't at their events rather than all the times you were.  Worried one child would feel slighted over another if you couldn't make every event.  My advice to you as I'm one day into 39...stop worrying.  But I know you won't take my advice so at least try to keep it to a minimum.  Good luck with that!

As I reflect on the past year I have a feeling of being very blessed.  I have a family that I adore and friends in my life that are true to their core.  For this I am truly thankful!

Your children turned 11, 10 and 15 this year.  Live-in #1 finished her first year in high school.  She introduced you to Water Polo.  You're still figuring it out, but what you do know is the most exciting part of the game is when she is in that water playing!  She also got her drivers permit!  Congratulations on your first venture out with her driving.  You were calm cool and collected...I didn't know you had it in you!  Live-in #2 finished elementary school! Live-in #3 will now be the big man on campus as he just finished his 4th grade year.  Both boys played tackle football (in different leagues!!!), basketball and started their first year in majors baseball.  Right now you're going through All Stars, Live-in #2 is on the 10/11 All Star team and Live-in #3 is an All Star for the first time on the 9/10 All Star team!  A very exciting season for them!

Another very important part of your year is your relationship with your brother Tim.  You have always considered yourself close to Tim, but this year you have grown even closer.  This relationship is very special to you.  I thank God for him in my life, I thank God my family loves him as much as I do and I pray his life is blessed beyond his dreams.

You celebrated your 17th wedding anniversary with a very handsome man!  Still in love, yes!  I'll love him til the day I die.

I look forward to what this next year will bring. I look forward to building my story and my family's story.  I look forward to watching the people I love build their stories.

Goodbye 38, hello 39 and watch out 40 I'm coming to get you and I'm not afraid!


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