Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dear 36...

Dear 36 Year Old Self:

This year you set out to accomplish a goal and succeeded.  A goal that your 6yr, 16yr, and 26yr old self would never have tried.  Running.  I am proud of you for working hard and sticking with it even when it was dark outside, cold, wet and even painful.  You didn't give up.  You impress me.

This year you were stunned by the news that someone you love has cancer and is fighting for her life.  This was the most difficult part of your 36th year, it is painful, confusing and emotional.  During this time you have reflected on some very serious questions of your faith and your beliefs.  You have probably prayed more this last year than you have in the past five years combined, don't stop.

Your children turned 8, 9 and 13 this year.  How did that happen?  Weren't they just born yesterday?  Parenting certainly presents it's challenges, but have great kids.  Not sure how you got so lucky...I would have thought you had a lot of 'what goes around comes around' coming your way...

You celebrated your 15th wedding anniversary.  I remember when you used to count the weeks and months... 15yrs is only a fraction in the grand scheme.  While you may have made some questionable decisions and acted in ridiculousness ways when you were 20/21 years old, this was not one of sure picked a great guy.  A more devoted husband and father would be hard to find.

You got more gray hair this year...not loving that at all!  I could try and give you a pep talk about how it shows more wisdom, embrace it because you earned them...but the fact is, it just sucks...

One more thing...36 is that last year you consider 'mid' 30's' Goodbye Mid 30's, I will miss you...

Watch out 37...Here I Come!


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  1. I love this - it's one of my favorite posts you've done lately:)