Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Trivia - Part II

For Memorial Day my family and I went with friends to Central Oregon where we encountered, indulged in and endured the following:

1.  Pole Hanging Contest - I feel you must have some pictures to go with this...
Live-In #3 beat everyone with over 8 minutes!

2.  Horses - right next door to our vacation rental were horses.  The girls had so much fun feeding them, petting them and driving them out of their minds!  There was even a baby w/ is's mama!

3.  Rainbow Trout - the boys went fishing and caught fish...Mama Don't Do Trout so we are giving them to grandparents who for some reason like to eat the God awful fish!
Lover & Live-In #3 caught the only fish on the 1st day

4.  Snow - yes it's true.  Not only through the mountain pass, but we watched it accumulate outside our vacation house! On May 28th & 29th we enjoyed endured snow and the frozen temperatures that came with it!  It felt like the middle of winter rather than the cusp of summer!
The Mountain Pass

Right outside our door

5.  Sunshine - at least that is what I think it reminded us that spring was if fact somewhere out there...

6.  A  Double Bed - I have two things to say about this...1st - Thank God I don't sleep on one of these anymore!  2nd - I LOVE MY OWN BED!!!

7.  Martinis - a weekend getaway wouldn't be complete without a martini in hand!  We enjoyed Strawberry Lemonade Martinis and experimented with a Coconut Cream Pie Martini - recipe to follow at a later date!

8.  Strawberry Shortcake - yes my friend made homemade strawberry shortcake and I pronounced 'It Was Good'.

9.  Turquoise Purse - this also requires a picture...
Not my only bargain for the weekend, but probably the most fun!

10.  Odd Shaped Eyebrows - I wish I had a picture for you - but apparently some of the young people of Central Oregon have a fascination with freaky eyebrows.  One woman had completely waxed her eyebrows off and then drew on new eyebrows at least 1-2" above her brow line - oh did I mention it had to have been with a jumbo crayon??  Then one man had waxed his eyebrows into triangles that abruptly went out into a thin line...  Made for some interesting conversation and laughs!

So our weekend didn't include any dolphins, sandy beaches, slushys, bikinis or fruit bats (the last one is compliments of live-in #2), but we had fun with friends and will be talking about this Memorial Day for years to come!

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