Thursday, June 30, 2011

Methven Family Vineyards - 2006 Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley

One of the perks...perhaps the only where I live is that I can drive for about 60 seconds and be in the middle of wine country...basically my backyard is wine country...I just have to look beyond a few rooftops.  

Last spring My Lover and I were out on a Sunday afternoon frolicking our way through the wine country when we stumbled upon Methven Family Vineyards.  What a pleasant surprise!  The tasting room is gorgeous with a large floor to ceiling wooden bar and a beautifully sanded & lacquered wood felt like my kind of place.

We tasted the wines and enjoyed each of them for their own distinct offerings, bought a few bottles and bid the winery goodbye.  As I walked out the door I took in the beautiful scenery before me and vowed it would only be 'goodbye for now', I was smitten.

This past weekend I returned to this vineyard knowing its beautiful scenery, quiet atmosphere and delightful wines would be the perfect pairing to a girls afternoon out.  And it was...

2006 Pinot Noir - Willamette Valley

From the Winery:
This wine was crafted from new estate vines and older vines from Elton Vineyards.  Wonderfully complex aromas of root beer, pine pitch, and vanilla vaporize out of the glass.  The mouth-feel is velvety and supple, with flavors of currant jam and cassis.  White-pepper and alcohol add a thrilling finish to the wine, making this a powerful, full bodied food wine.

Carol's Thoughts:
Yep, they got that one right! 

I thoroughly enjoyed this bottle of wine.  The flavor lingers in your mouth long after it is in your tummy, making you think...Mmmmm...Heaven!  

What is even better...every single wine I have tasted has been remarkable in its own right.  There wasn't one I disliked.

If you are lucky enough to live in my neck of the woods, this is a must visit winery.  You will not be disappointed.  If you don't live with Pinot Noir country in your can order off their website and bring a little heaven to your home.

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