Monday, June 6, 2011

I had a ball Friday, Saturday and Sunday...but it's all over now and it sure is Monday!

After a weekend filled with sun, baseball, sun, baseball, sun and oh yes baseball...I must be feeling a little put out that it is now Monday...

It was another one of those mornings where I literally had to peel myself off my soft sheets so I could stumble downstairs with my eyes still closed to make myself breakfast because my stomach was yelling at me that my dinner last night (chips, salsa & strawberries) was unacceptable.

Once this was all said and done it was time to head out to take Live-In #1 to school.  As I turned the key I heard beeping reminding me for the 4 millionth time that I was low on gas tank could not be ignored any longer.  So after dropping off my precious #1 child I stopped by the gas station, thinking it wouldn't take long as only 2 of the 12 pumps were in use.  I parked, dutifully turned off my engine and waited......and waited....and waited...and waited....and waited....(many more 'waited' are warranted here but I don't want you to begin feeling the emotions that were evoked in me this morning).

I finally located the gas station attendant - he was refueling a couple commercial vehicles and writing stuff down on a clip board, but at least I knew he saw me.  So I continued to be patient and wait.  Meantime, three more vehicles pulled into the gas station and waited.  After close to10 minutes of waiting, the commercial trucks finally pulled away and I thought 'Ok, my turn'...

Nope!  The gas station attendant proceeded to the 4th arrival and then the 3rd arrival.  By this point my blood was boiling, my hair was standing on end like I had just touched an electrical outlet and my head was spinning uncontrollably.  So as he approached the 2nd arrival, ignoring me altogether, I snapped - no longer was my hair standing on had turned to snakes...I was Medusa!!  Live-In #2 & Live-In #3 sank down in their seats trying not to be seen as I exited my vehicle an began yelling at the idiot gas station attendant.  I am sure if he knew Medusa had been waiting on him he would have come to see me first, but he was in his own little idiot world.  He must not have understood the seriousness of the situation at hand because he gave me a shrug and said 'sorry' in a NOT sorry voice.

Since I floated into the gas station on a fume, I had no choice but to get some gas from the I got $5, which is barely over a gallon, and went on my merry way.  I will NEVER buy gas at that Shell gas station again, not because I don't want them to recognize me as Medusa (I would do it again, only next time I'd want a bat) it is the principal.  He messed with the wrong girl...or maybe the wrong girl on Monday.

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  1. This is hilarious!!! Love ya and your ranting ways:)