Monday, June 27, 2011

My Kind of Perfect Day

Yesterday I went to Methven Vineyards with my longtime friends Erin, Elissa & Tracy.  It was the perfect day.  The scenery was beautiful, the wine was delectable and the company was, as always, thoroughly enjoyable, laughable, quirky and just plain perfectly fun!

30+ years of Friendship!
Carol, Elissa, Tracy & Erin

We get together for each of our birthdays to celebrate...I am #3 in the lineup to turn 37...thank you to the two who come before me and prepare the make it look so good I don't mind getting older!

So for my birthday we went wine suits soothes makes me turns my teeth purple...  

My Lover and I had been to Methven Family Vineyards once before.  I fell in love with the wine, the patio and the view when we were deciding where we would to celebrate ME, I suggested this little winery.  

We thoroughly enjoyed the wine...which I will review for you all very soon!

We Laughed!

We Made Memories to talk about when we are 'older'.

Elissa dared me to ask them to play Yukon music...
I accepted...
They obliged...
It was actually really great music for an afternoon of friends, wine & scenery...
Fun Fact: Elissa Lover plays the bass on this CD...

I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day!  Thank you my dear friends for making me feel so special, loved & relaxed!  If friends are our soul mates, then you are mine!  I love you all!

Note: Thank you to Erin for the these photos...will you please take all my photos for me? 

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