Friday, February 11, 2011

Cast of Characters - Live-In #1

Live-in #1 is my 12 year old daughter.  My only daughter.  She looks like her mother, thankfully this does not bother her and it is a good thing because she hears it on a regular basis from just about every person we come into contact with.  She doesn't mind it, but I LOVE it!  I take it as one of the best compliments ever...because I think this child is B-U-T-FUL!. So to those complete strangers, semi strangers, acquaintances, friends, family, etc...Thank You for such a lovely compliment!

When I was a little girl I dreamed of having all boys.  This all changed when my lover and I decided to have a baby - all I could imagine was having a sweet little baby girl.  I cried tears of joy when the doctor told me she was a girl.  I cried again when the anesthesia I was given in order to give birth to this wonderful creature wore off and I finally really looked at her and and fell madly in love. 

This child, this daughter of mine is so awe inspiring - she is kind, caring, smart, funny, silly, genuine, grounded (sometimes the bad kind, but here I mean the good kind), loving and basically perfect in every way (except when she gets grounded).  I am so lucky to have her - I couldn't have wished for a better daughter. 
Ok, now I just want her to come home from school so I can squeeze her, kiss her and tickle her (cause her laugh is infectious)!  I love you my sweet girl!  Love, Mommy

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