Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cast of Characters - Live-In #2

Live-In #2 is my 9 year old boy.  He is my only fair haired child and if it weren't for the fact that he has his father's perfectly sculpted eyebrows as well as the stretch marks he blessed my body with, I would wonder where in the world he came from.

This beautiful child did not speak to me until he was three years and one month old.  Seriously, not a word!  Now I can't get him to stop talking (correction - that would be live-in #1).  We like to think he just had so much going in that cute little noggin that he needed time to process it.

This boy has a sweet spirit, a memory for facts and figures that just won't quit, is caring, kind, strong, loving and sensitive.  Another practically perfect in every way kind of child (except when he's not).
And just in case you hadn't guessed by his big smile in this picture (he usually does not show his teeth for pictures) he is a fan of the Oregon Ducks - want to know who all the players are, as well as their numbers, position played, where they came from, their stats, what they ate for breakfast, etc, etc, etc...this is your man...I mean boy. 

I love you my sweet sweet boy.  Love, Mommy

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