Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pill Popping Puppy

Man's Best Friend is a phrase that comes to mind when I think of a description for dogs.  However, in my house I have referred to our dog as a Juvenile Delinquent, Sweet Baby Puppy, Running Fool, Hairy Monster, Pisser, Howley Howler and most recently a Pill Popping Puppy!

My Pill Popping Puppy is a Siberian Huskey - the most beautiful breed in my accurate...ah hem...humble opinion.  This beautiful animal came into our lives one day when My Lover and I went to the mall to buy me a new pair of shoes and came home with my beautiful, naughty, heart thieving puppy. 

My Lover, Heart Thieving Puppy & I

After we brought our puppy home, My Lover decided to do a little research on the breed...Uh oh, we discovered we were in trouble.  This breed is strong willed, naughty little Running Fools- this is why they need to be so cute - its to get them through their first 10 years as a Juvenile Delinquent...not to mention the fact that he is a giant hair ball creating Hairy Monster!

He'd have you believe he is innocent...but he is really naughty!

He is in his juvenile delinquent years here...
Howling away, he's telling anyone that will listen that his leash is torture...
He wanted to RUN!

My Pill Popping Puppy is now just shy (2 1/2 weeks) of 15 years old.  Yes, it's true.  I am sure this information explains the pill popping...  My Sweet Baby Puppy takes pills twice a day...every day.  And he knows when it is pill popping time.  My Howley Howler does just that, howls at me.  He is VERY insistant...he's quite the Pisser about it.

He is also very insistent on eating with us on nights we have Beef.  He LOVES beef and since he has such good table manners...we oblige.

Yes, I love my Pill Popping, Slightly Senile, Afraid of the Wind, Doesn't Like Water Puppy!

This photo was taken not long after he turned 14 - he is chaneling his inner Juvenile Delinquent - shortly thereafter he stole a hamburger from an unsuspecting child...

Who wouldn't love this Hairy Monster???
Yes, that is a beef bone between his front paws.
I love my Sweet Baby Puppy!

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