Monday, February 14, 2011

Cast of Characters - My Lover

I met my lover 17 years ago at a birthday party I was having for my roommate.  He accompanied some mutual friends of ours.  We had been introduced to our friends 'friends' before and had absolutely no interest in meeting each other this night...  Ummm, since we are together today, I suppose one could assume sparks flew, fireworks erupted, futures were planned - not so fast...not too slow, but not so fast...
I love this man. I enjoy looking at him, spending time with him, arguing with him (no not really), raising live-ins with him, enjoying food with him, drinking wine with him...he is my favorite person. 

One of the things I love most about this gorgeous man is his eyes.  They speak to me when his words cannot.  His eyes are a reflection of his soul, and what a beautiful soul it is...  These eyes have betrayed him from the beginning...can't hide many emotions behind these beauties!
In these eyes I see love, playfulness, strength, loyalty, comfort, assurance..... Nope, can't hide behind these eyes...I've got your number lover!   Happy Valentine's Day!

P.S.  yes, that is live-in #3 sneaking in on a pic cause he loves us so much!

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