Thursday, February 10, 2011

Songs of Joy

As I mentioned before, the questions posed to me when I started this blog were difficult.  What was I going to name this thing?  I thought long and hard (for about a minute) and came up with My Songs of Joy... 

One might wonder if I sing, to which I would answer - yes...I sing in the car, I sing to wake my live-ins up in the morning whether that be to lull them awake or annoy them awake and I have been known to break into song just because.  BUT, I am no American Idol - unless you ask my mother who has prompted me to embarass myself by singing in church on several occassions.  I am happy to report I abstained from this foolery!

Now, having cleared this up I feel we can move on.  My name is Carol, which means Song of Joy - or at least that was the meaning when I was a child and my parents gave me a bookmark with my name and its meaning...when I look it up now it says 'song, melody', but whatever I have believed my name has meant Song of Joy all my life so I am going with it. 

So what makes my heart sing songs of joy???  Bet you can't guess...  My Family, Food and Wine...among other things - but there was a character limit so I tried to narrow it down to what I will probably blog about most. 

There you have it...the method to my madness, a look inside the workings of my mind - if you will.

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